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As a small business owner, how can you best prepare for tax time at year´s end? This article details five tips including tallying expenses, updating service agreements, recording inventory, backing up email and double checking federal and state due dates. Help your readers to be better informed before filing their business returns.

According to Stever Robbins, author of “9 Steps to Work Less and Do More”, freelancers and people who work at home can successfully increase their productivity when they feel that they have to answer to someone else. A Do-it Day provides some of the necessary pressure to help freelancers and homeworkers to perform better.

Job interviews can be very stressful, but being well prepared in advance can help to ease the situation and greatly improve your chances of success. This article provides the reader with some top tips to ensure that they get the most out of every interview they attend.

Several women mistakenly believe they have to choose either children or a career. It is possible for moms to do both by using their skills to work at home. A flexible career provides extra income, a sense of accomplishment and the opportunity to stay home with your children.

The following article provides an in-depth explanation of the importance of linking a company’s keyword focused inbound strategies with that of their outbound marketing strategies. It explains the repercussions of not linking these approaches and how some companies have had excellent outbound strategies, strategies that pushed customers directly to their competitor’s website. It’s about ensuring that those keywords used within inbound strategies are ever-present in outbound approaches